Fire Retardent Polyester Resin

Fire retardent resins are essential for the mass transit market.  There are many specification of various national standards.  RF lists some of the general standard types. We have access to a much broader range and invite you ask us if your requirements can be supplied.

The fire retardent resins listed here laminate well, have good physical performance and are price competitive.  Do not forget to look at our vinyl ester fire retardent resins as well. 

Poliset PS-820FR Poliset PS-9583
Description Poliset 820FR is fire retardent filled unsaturated polyester resin as orthophthalic type complies to Class 2 Surface Spread Of Flame (BS476 : Part7). Reversol P-9583 is a filled, beige opaque fire retardant unsaturated polyester resin for use in contact moulding.
Application Poliset 820FR is used for making a variety of glass fiber reinforced plastic such as water and storage tanks, septic tank, cooling tower, silo especially for Fire retardant requirement application. PS-9583 has been specifically designed to meet the increasing demand for an inexpensive filled resin system with excellent fire retardant properties. Fully cured PS-9583 reinforced with glass fibre can obtain a class 1 surface spread of flame rating when tested to BS-476 Part 7 :1997, and class-0 when tested to BS-476 Part 6.
Benefits Good wet out and air release. Physical properties are very good as listed. Compared to unfilled resin, it is necessary to use a slightly higher PS-9583 resin to glass ratio during FRP lamination. A resin to glass ratio by weight of 11 : 3 is recommended. PS-9583 resin should be use at above 23°C ambient working condition. To achieve optimum mechanical, weathering and fire retardant properties, it is recommended to post cure P-9583 laminates at 50oC for 15 hours, or allow minimum 7 days ageing at 28-33oC, before putting laminates into service.
Chemical Structure Ortho Ortho
Tensile Strength MPa 72 40
Tensile Modulus GPa 4.3 8.74
Flexural Strength MPa 135 51
Flexural Modulus GPa 4.25 5.7
Elongation % 2.2 0.6
Heat Distortion Temperature 65 90
Acid Value N/A N/A
Appearance Opaque White Hazy, Opaque Beige
Viscosity cps@25C 800 ~ 1000 Brookefield:LVT,#3,60rpm 100 - 2500 cps - Brookfield, #4/6
Styrene Content 40-48% 25%
Certificates Class 2 Surface Spread Of Flame (BS476 : Part7) BS-476 Part 7 :1997, and class-0 when tested to BS-476 Part 6.
LSE Available N/A N/A
Geltime@1.5% A50 MEKP 20-60 min. 20-60 min.