Hybrid Vinyl Ester Resin

Description Ashland's AME premium marine resins have been the preferred and trusted resins for the most respected boat builders in the world for over 30 years. As one of the first premium resins ever designed for the marine industry
Technical Data Sheet
General AME resins have a flawless record of providing long lasting performance that has yet to be equaled. These modified epoxy vinyl ester resins have been designed exclusively for the premium boat builder and great care has been taken to address performance and production needs. Ashland has met and exceeded the expectations across North America and Europe with a history of being the market leader and having products with reliable, durable, real world performance.
Benefits AME 5001 resin is a premium epoxy vinyl ester resin. This multifunctional resin has improved physical properties as compared to standard vinyl ester blends, and can be used as a skin, bulk, or tooling resin. The increased strength and flexural fatigue demonstrates a toughness not typically found in this variety of blended resin. A higher heat distortion ensures superior long term cosmetic performance. AME 5001 can also withstand the tough demands of the composite tooling market.
Outstanding *Excellent Blister Resistance *Superior toughness and strength *Low shrink *Fast Wet-out of Glass fibers *Outstanding fatigue life Meets ISO 122-15-1 Small Craft Construction Requirements *Ultimate HDT of 105C *Multifunctional resin – skin, bulk, and tooling
Tensile Strength 64 MPa , Method ISO 527
Tensile Modulus 3.4 GPa , Method ISO 527
Tensile Elongation 2.1% , Method ISO 527
Flexural Strength 132 MPa , Method ISO 178
Flexural Modulus 3.9 GPa , Method ISO 178
Flexural Fatigue 73,491 Cycles
Ultimate HDT 105 °C , Method ISO 75