Wax & PVA Based Releases

REXCO USA has been a trusted partner to the composites industry for over fifty years as a manufacturer of simple, effective and economical mold release waxes, buffing compounds and parting films. REXCO products offer peace of mind to the fiberglass, cultured marble, cast polymer and polymer concrete products manufacturer via tried and true brand names PARTALL®, MARBALEASE®, and FORMULA FIVE®.

RF staff have had more than 20 years promoting and technically supporting with REXCO's exemplary product range.  We are extremely happy to be the sole supplier of range in Australia.

Formula 5 Mold Release Wax PARTALL®Hi-Temp Wax Partall® Coverall PVA Film MARBALEASE® SLURRY WAX
Description FORMULA FIVE ® Mold Release Wax is a premium mold release wax that blends carnauba, nature’s most durable protection, with modern polymers and hydrocarbon waxes. PARTALL®Hi-Temp Wax is an advanced paste wax mold release agent fortified with PTFE . Formulated for use with epoxy and phenolic resins that cure at higher temperaturesor for other thermoset resins at high process or post-cure temperatures. Partall® Coverall Film is the new non-hazardous, low VOC water-based polyvinyl alcohol (PVA – Parting Film) coating that acts as a barrier between parts and reactive mold surfaces. Marbalease® Slurry Wax is a slow drying wax mold release polishing compound designed primarily as a Flange / Edge / Hat wax
Technical Data Sheet
General Description Formula 5 Mold release wax is an easy to use, forgiving release system. It is formulated to produce high shine cosmetic parts from most thermoset casting resins on most mold and plug substrates. Polymers are added to provide easy application, extended open working time, and positive multiple releases in even the most demanding demolding situations. Recommended for use with companion product FORMULA FIVE ® Clean ‘N Glaze as a simple two-step fiberglass mold maintenance system to ease the release of gel coated parts and maintain fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) mold surfaces. Also useful for non gel coated composite casting. Ensure to replace the can lid after use to prevent it drying out. Please download the Technical Data Sheet (Application Guide) for complete instructions. PARTALL® Hi-Temp Wax is a premium multi-release mold release agent formulated from a blend of hydrocarbon and microcrystalline waxes and fortified with PTFE polymer. It is particularly recommended for use with epoxies or phenolics or as part of molding processes that cure and/or catalyze at higher temperatures (65 - 177 °C) when casting composites parts or molds from plugs. PARTALL® Hi-Temp Wax may be used with most thermoset resins at ambient or elevated temperature cure, and is especially useful in applications where standard silicone waxes hinder post-finishing operations. PARTALL® Hi-Temp Wax has a creamy texture that makes for ease of application. Use PARTALL® Film #10 or PARTALL® Coverall Film in conjunction with PARTALL® Hi-Temp Wax to initialize new or reconditioned polyester or vinyl ester molds, or on molds that are particularly intricate or too expensive to risk de-molding problems. Partall® Coverall Film is also recommended for use on seasoned molds as extra protection against de-molding problems. Higher solids content aids production efficiency by providing greater protection with fewer coats applied saving labor, time and material. Improved formulation enhances use – no fisheyes or cob webbing, self-leveling and faster dry film build up. The higher viscosity of Partall® Coverall Film allows application by brush, roller, sponge or cloth as well as excellent spray characteristics. Please replace cap on the container to stop evaporation and the product drying. Please download the Technical Data Sheet (Application Guide) for complete instructions. MARBALEASE® SLURRY WAX can also be used as a general purpose mold release agent for thermoset composites where a smooth post-production finish is not required (such as on the underside of cultured marble vanities, with polymer concrete, or on traditional concrete forms). Marbalease® Slurry Wax is often used to protect equipment from over spray. Apply with a brush or cloth – mold can be prepped in advance as Marbalease® Slurry Wax will remain “wet” up to twelve hours. Please download the Technical Data Sheet (Application Guide) for complete instructions.
Packaging FORMULA FIVE ® Mold Release Wax is packaged in 12 ounce (340 gram) cans. 12 cans per box. PARTALL®Hi-Temp Wax is packaged in 12 ounce (340 gram) cans. 12 Cans to a box. 3.73 litres (1 US Gallon) plastic bottle or 18.7kg (5 US Gallon) plastic pail 18.7kg (5 US Gallon) plastic pail