Acrylic & ABS Backup

RF's range of acrylic and ABS backup resins are available in filled, fillable and unfilled versions. These resins have excellent bond strength to these substrates and low deformity. Suitable for heating tunnel cure in the production spas, baths and other sanitary products. Please also review our Vinyl Ester range as this also forms part of our supply chain to acrylic manufacturers.

Link to Vinyl Esters for Acrylic Backup

Poliset PS-9533 Poliset PS-S904
Description Reversol P-9533 is a flexible, low viscosity, pre-accelerated unsaturated polyester resin for room temperature cure. It is specially designed for use in the manufacturing of acrylic sheet lamination using Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide (MEKP) as catalyst Poliset S904 has been specifically designed for the backup of acrylic sanitary products, such as baths, basins and other acrylic backed products.
Technical Data Sheet
Application Processes Sprayup or hand layup application to acrylic and ABS surfaces. Spray-up or hand layup application to acrylic and ABS surfaces where low shrinkage and quick mold turn around is paramount.
Benefits 9553 is a white resin with excellent bonding to Acrylic & ABS whilst exhibiting low shrinkage. It is an economic, low viscosity, thixotropic resin offering fast wet-out. 9553 additionally offers a quick curing property, allowing fast mould turn around during manufacturing. An economic, low viscosity highly fillable, thixotropic resin offering fast wet-out, low styrene emission in (XLE) format. Recommended for all acrylic backup lamination.
Chemical Structure Ortho Ortho
Tensile Strength MPa 50 55 - 65 Mpa
Tensile Modulus GPa 1.3 NA
Flexural Strength MPa 87.8 80 - 110 mPA
Flexural Modulus GPa 3.2 NA
Elongation % 3.8 >1.5%
Heat Distortion Temperature 60 60 - 65 °C
Acid Value NA
Appearance Available as Natural (light pink) or White
Viscosity cps@25C 150 - 300 MPa
Styrene Content 44% - 46%
LSE Available Yes Yes
Geltime@1.5% A50 MEKP 15-25 35 - 55 minutes