Fibreglass Knitted & Woven Fabrics

Knitted Fabrics

Fibreglass Knitted & Woven Fabrics

RF maintains a complete stock of multiaxial knitted fabrics and woven fibreglass products suitable for both marine and industrial uses.  These products are used to increase physical performance  but also offering weight savings.

Our multiaxial fibre products are "stitched to ensure there is no crimp in the fibre.  This improves the ease of lamination, passage of resin whilst reducing fibre print.

Fibres of various weight densities can be arranged in combinations of 0o, 90o ,+45o, -45o though other angles are also available. All to maximise the physical performance of the laminates.

Suitable resin systems such as unsaturated polyester (UPR), Epoxy, Vinyl Ester (EP), Polyurethane (UP) and some thermoplastics.

These fabrics are suitable for applications methods such as hand laminating, vacuum bagging, RTM, pultrusion, and other closed molding processes.

These products exhibit considerable weight and cost savings whilst allowing for excellent fabric drape and superior resin permeability.